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Tuesday is CSA pick-up day. Kind of like Christmas and a vegetable mystery rolled into one. ‘Cuz we get some unusual stuff in our box, and lots of it!

Today for example, we got black radishes. Ok, a radish. I know what to do with that. Put it in salad, eat it raw, slice and eat on buttered bread.

But we got three of them and they’re the size of large oranges. Any one of these big guys alone would be enough to exhaust my radish recipe repertoire (put it in salad, eat it raw, slice and eat on buttered bread).  Add them to the two pretty sizable ones we got last week and I am stumped.

Giant black radishes

Giant black radishes


Roasted root vegies and Brussels sprouts

So, I tried roasting them along with the other root vegetables and Brussels sprouts we got today. OH were those Brussels sprouts yummy! I used this recipe from the Barefoot Contessa and could not stop eating them hot out of the oven. Crispy, salty, sweet, heaven. And the roasted parsnips, carrots and celery root – yummy. The radish…not so much.

In desperation I turned to the internet to find dozens of hits for “black radish recipe” that all began with, “What is this mystery vegetable and what can I do with it?” Or something along those lines. This site has information about the black radish and a list of recipes. I will start with the black radish and potato salad. If you go the site with the recipe, read the comments, too, for more suggestions on what to do with them.

Next up – the bag of mystery greens labelled “salad greens to cook.”

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