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G is for Gifts

Because yesterday was my birthday.

My kids have been asking me what I want for my birthday, because they want to give me gifts. I tell them that what I want is for them to make me something, and they reply, “Yes, but what do you really want?”

That IS what I really want! I don’t need them to go buy me stuff. I don’t need anyone to buy me more stuff (although I would not say no to a pressure canner). Nothing makes me happier than seeing them make something, and giving something of themselves to others. Like every Mom, I treasure those gifts the most.

But I know what they are thinking because I often think it, too. The things we make are not as nice as the things we buy. I worry about that. I tend to give gifts I make myself. And I worry that they are not as nice as something I could buy or that people will think it’s just because I’m cheap.

When I make a gift for someone, I think about them the entire time. I ask myself what they might like and at every step of the way when I have a choice of materials, color, technique, I ask myself what they would like most. And as the object takes shape, I often smile in anticipation of how much I think they will like it. Sure, in the end there are sometimes little imperfections, but I hope that only adds to the charm!

There are other reasons I like to make gifts, and receive hand-made gifts. I think we should all buy less stuff. There is no reason our joyful and celebratory feelings must be accompanied by the consumption of more stuff.

So, give gifts, but make them. Or give your time and thoughtfulness. We’ll all get more out of this kind of gift-giving!



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It’s been 3 weeks since my last post. What have I been doing ? You know, besides the usual?

[Digression: I started feeling really bad about not writing for so long.  And then I got irritated at feeling bad because this is supposed to be FUN! And mostly for me anyway, so why all the negative feelings? Then I read this and it really struck a nerve. If you blog, do read it. You’ll feel better about infrequent blogging!]

Knitting socks…this pair is for daughter #1 and

…this pair for daughter #2.

They don't look it in the photo, but they are the same size!


Making a quilt for a colleagues who just had their first baby.

Starting a few seedlings

(I know, I know…they are very leggy because I don’t use grow lights. It’s on the project list!)

Making more frames for raised beds.

Positioning before digging it in.

Ready for planting!

Chasing the cat out of the new raised beds. (See photo above – can you spot little cat tracks?)

Enjoying beautiful spring weather, celebrating the 100th birthday of Girl Scouts of America with a brisk sunrise ceremony, traveling to Warsaw to hear Jane Goodall (!) speak at a teacher’s conference, celebrating my daughter’s 10th birthday,  attending student art shows and music recitals..and NOT looking at my blog stats.






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The Hat is Done!

Not bad for a first effort…

The most important thing – the recipient LOVES it!

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Baby Booties

I found the cutest pattern and tutorial for making felt baby booties on the Purl bee. I had to go home and make them immediately. Luckily there have been several babies born around here recently!

It’s so easy to do – I can make a pair in about 40 minutes, start to finish, while watching TV and being interrupted by the kids. And they are ever so cute! (For really good photos, see the Purl bee blog!)

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