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Cotton jersey, like the stuff they use for T-shirts. We’ve been working on a project with old cut up Tshirts, and it’s pretty nifty.

I found a website that shows you how to make yarn from T-shirts. Fun, right?


And I’ve always wanted to make a braided run. So, take two kids on vacation and stuck in the house on a bad weather day, old T-shirts and a sharp pair of scissors and voila! A fun day of cutting and braiding.



Stay tuned for the finished product (R is for Rug?)


PS. Not sure why or how, but internet is faster today – I could actually upload photos! Do you think it read my post yesterday and decided to get its act together?!


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Easter chicks

We still have cold and snowy weather here (it is snowing as I write this), so instead of the bright, spring, outdoor fun of Easter egg hunts in the garden we have been stuck indoors. But if it’s not going to be bright and springy outside, why not make it bright and springy inside?

I found this cute Easter chick craft and just had to whip up a few. The girls got in on the fun and in the end we had our own brightly colored flock of spring chick cuteness!




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Making Christmas Fun

After watching the Christmas episode of season 1 of Little House on the Prairie, which, by the way, has a year’s dose of wholesomeness packed into one 50 minute show, the girls and I decided we should make each other gifts for Christmas. I usually make gifts for people, but haven’t really for the girls and they haven’t for us. It’s something I’ve wanted to do – get away from the buying spree that usually accompanies Christmas these days and emphasize thoughtfulness and creativity. The girls were game, so we went for it.

I was surprised at how resourceful they were in choosing what gifts to make and by how much fun they had in doing it. They paged through craft books and internet sites looking for things for each family member. In the end, we made lots of things, some of which are pictured below.

Sofie made a sun glasses case for her father, a pin cushion for her Babička, a gardening vest for me, a bookmark and a book for her sister. Olivia made bath herbs and a  scissors case for me, a wallet for her sister, bowls for her Babička, a knit hat for her father. I made  coupons for Kamil (dinner out, etc), a dress for Sofie, a skirt and a book journal for Olivia, a bag for Hana. We even made a set of  coasters for friend and neighbor,  Andrea. Kamil got in on the act, too, and wrote a song with parts for each of us on our instruments.

A few of the things we made

A few of the things we made


This is something I want to continue with, but I must say, we did not start early enough! This all takes time especially when you have to keep some gifts secret from their intended recipient. I definitely didn’t count on the time I would have to help the girls with their gifts and it left very little time for me to make my own gifts. Which is why I am still working on some for folks a bit farther away!

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Learning to Knit

I have wanted to learn to knit for a long time and I’m thrilled to say that the time has finally arrived!

Why I never asked my mother to teach me, I do not know. She’s a great knitter. Look at these beautiful stockings she made the girls:

My good friend and neighbor Andrea offered to teach me to knit if I would teach her to quilt. We haven’t had many lessons yet – one to be exact! But hopefully they will start in a day or so when I finally shake this little cold I have.

But I couldn’t wait to get started, so I checked this awesome book our of our school library:

It’s called “Kids Knitting: Prjoects for Kids of All Ages” by Melanie Falick.

We started with finger knitting. So fun and easy that both girls were able to do it immediately, much to their delight.

Then we started with needles (thank goodness my mother-in-law is a knitter and could lend us needles). Also, thanks to former colleague Peggy who left me a box full of left over yarn!

The book explains casting on and knitting very clearly and soon we were doing both. It was a little frustrating for Sofie, but Olivia is doing quite well.

Today she experimented with increasing and decreasing!

I practiced making little squares and then used a finger knit cord (Christmas present from Olivia) to fashion a little bag, modeled by Sofie:

Close ups:

My first knitted project! OK, it’s not that impressive, but I’m definitely hooked now!

Next project – very cute tasseled hat from book:

I’m half way there!

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Baby Booties

I found the cutest pattern and tutorial for making felt baby booties on the Purl bee. I had to go home and make them immediately. Luckily there have been several babies born around here recently!

It’s so easy to do – I can make a pair in about 40 minutes, start to finish, while watching TV and being interrupted by the kids. And they are ever so cute! (For really good photos, see the Purl bee blog!)

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