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January Surprise!

The snow melted and what do you suppose I found underneath?!


Corn salad, mustard greens and spinach!


Enough to make a salad with…and there’s more out there. I saw some kale and red beets…maybe even some chard.

Don’t you love gardening?!

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Monday Menu

Another simple but delicious garden meal…

Tonight’s Menu

Zucchini* Hash


Salad of Baby Greens*

sliced cucumbers*

Zucchini hash was an on-the-spot invention designed to use up some of the veggies in the fridge. I sautéed a chopped onion° and two small chopped carrots°, added diced zucchini* and some corn kernels*. A little salt and yumminess ensued. Served with bulgur.

Salad of baby greens (mizuna, Chinese mustard, arugula, lettuce, spinach, all from the garden)  topped with a foraged apple, goat cheese°and walnuts°.


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We’ve been eating greens!

From left to right, that’s leaf lettuce, a spinach leaf, arugula, Chinese mustard greens and mizuna. I mostly planted arugula – lots of arugula!

I planted polycultures this year and so far, so good! They certainly look beautiful!

The garden is full of greens and we’ve had them lots of ways this week, so I thought I’d share them all.

grape and greens salad* with honey mustard dressing and sesame seeds

omelette with arugula*

boiled potatoes° with a mixture chopped greens*, garlic, olive oil and salt on top

pasta° with goat cheese° and greens*

more salad*, this time with nettle* pesto dressing

more salad*, with kohlrabi° and radishes°

What’s your favorite way to eat fresh greens? I am open to new ideas!

Recipe for Honey Mustard Dressing

Mix about 1/2 cup of oil with a touch of vinegar, ground dried mandarin peel, teaspoon of mustard and dandelion (or regular) honey to taste.

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Monday Menus

I used to have a colleague who would sign her emails with a catchy little alliterative phrase like, “Marvelous Monday,” or Terrific Tuesday.” I thought it was kind of cute and sweet, but some of my colleagues would just roll their eyes… So, at the risk of annoying any readers out there, I am launching a regular feature with an alliterative name…Monday Menus.

I notice lots of bloggers do it. I’ve seen Frugal Fridays, Wordless Wednesdays, Meatless Mondays… I thought it might encourage me to post more regularly. I didn’t want to steal anyone else’s idea and I have found that lots of people wonder what we eat since we are a vegetarian family (yes, even the Czech mate – he’s a rare one!). So, once a week I will post a menu selected from the week’s many meals.

I do actually plan out the week’s menus ahead of time, much to the Czech mate’s amusement (reference Czech film, Pelišky), partly to make the shopping list and partly so I don’t have to think about it every day when I come home from work. And when it’s in writing on the refrigerator door the girls seem to accept that it is not up for discussion and we can just get to work on making it.

Added interest – let’s see how much really is local, seasonal or grown ourselves.

Enough gabbing – what did we have for dinner tonight?

30 April – Greek Night

Vegetable plate of carrot sticks°, cucumber sticks and radishes°

Spring dip (tvaroh°, chives*, garlic, oregano*, salt, pepper)

Romaine lettuce, arugula* and mustard greens*

Cherry tomato salad

Chick peas, plain and with wild nettle* pesto


Feta cheese (the excuse for calling it Greek night)

For dessert, rhubarb* streusel cake and ice cream.

°from farmer’s market

*from our garden

The girls would like to let you know that it was yummy .

What did you have for dinner tonight?

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