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July’s challenge was about winter gardening and seed saving. Challenges included:

1. Winter gardening

2. Planting carrots for the fall/winter

3. Saving seeds

I missed the deadline for the link-up to the website (here if you want to check out what others have done), but here’s what I’ve done:

1. Winter gardening

Kale and broccoli for transplanting in a few weeks.

Kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts and some herbs for indoors.


I reseeded my polyculture beds with greens and other cold weather veggies.

Lettuce and arugula for the fall inside my bean tepee.


2. Carrot bed

Carrots and a few other goodies seeds and (hopefully) germinating. The sticks etc are to keep the cats out.

3. Saving seeds

I have saved some chive seeds and plan to try to get some lettuce seeds. I’ve let some of it bolt and I’m waiting for seeds to set. I also plan to save tomato, pepper and cucumber seeds, but I am afraid some are hybrid, so we’ll see. The corn is definitely a saver as are beans.

August challenge is out – preserving food. Whew, I have a head start on that one!!

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Half time score: 6 completed  resolutions,  2 failed , and  3  in process, or at least a chance of still doing them!

On to the second half:

12. Plant in guilds and polycultures, like the 3 sisters guild. I did this and am pretty sure I like it, though there are some drawbacks. Sure looks pretty, though!

Corn with squash, beans haven’t emerged yet.

The beans are in there – can you see them? Maybe I planted too close…

Greens, broccoli, chard…the root vegies didn’t do so well.

A mosaic of greens…it was beautiful while it lasted!

13. Plant more cold weather crops. Broccoli, kale, corn salad, turnips, beets, kohlrabi, leaf lettuce, mustard greens, peas, radishes, spinach, chard…all in and waiting for the fall!  I also planted most of these in spring.

Spring broccoli

14. Figure out out to successfully grow tomatoes here – lots of nasty tomato diseases lurking everywhere. This remains to be seen…they look pretty good for now, though.

Ripening at last!

15. Do compost right. After someone in my family weeded and put all the nasty weeds with their ripe seed heads on my compost pile while we were away on vacation, I have almost given up on this one. Deep breath…start again.
16. Construct an herb spiral. This was based on the load of rocks we were going to get for free (!) from a demolished house, but alas, never materialized. This on goes in the fail column for this year.

17. Try broccoli and cauliflower. Yes – yummy- and no. But I am trying Brussels sprouts…I count this one accomplished.
18. Find and grow Jerusalem artichokes. After a long internet search, failure…
19. Plant edible flowers. I’m going to say no here even though I have a few in the garden. I didn’t really keep this in mind for planting and want to do more.


20. Get better at succession planting. Reseeded polycultures and started seeds for planting next month. I say this one counts.
21. Preserve more food. Well, this remains to be seen, but we have 5 pints of strawberries and 7 jars of pickles so far…

Babička’s pickles

22. Figure out what I can grow on the steep slopes in our yard. Still a challenge. Right now it’s squash, but the weeds are a hassle. I went through and weeded in the last 2 days, so it looks good now, but since it’s a slope, I can’t put down cardboard and mulch – it just slides right off. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Too much bare soil…

Spacing was better here and s the squash trail, they cover the ground.

Weeds took over this spot.

So by my count, out of 22 resolutions, that’s  10 completed successfully, 7 failed, and 5 in progress. I’d be happy with a 50-50 split. After all, 22 resolutions is a bit much, don’t you think? It’s still anyone’s game, then I guess.

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