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Potato Candy

During International Cultures Week at our school, parents are invited in to share stories, songs, games and food from our home countries. I used to think that the goal of this week was to share our own cultures with others, but now I see it is also a way to share my culture with my own children!  So, I always make an effort to teach them and their classmates something about Quakertown or Pennsylvania or Pa. Dutch folks.

A favorite activity from my childhood was making cookies and sweets for Christmas and probably the most unusual thing we made was potato candy.  It’s the perfect thing to make with kids because it’s fun and easy and magical things happen while you’re mixing.

Here’s what you do: mix about a tablespoon of mashed potatoes (the thicker the better) with LOTS of powdered sugar. Seriously, like almost a cup… [So, okay, it’s not the healthiest thing in the world…but low-fat, right?!]

Add the sugar by spoonfuls and mix. The magical part is how first it almost liquefies, but as you add more sugar it turns into a play dough like consistency that you then can roll into balls. The balls can be rolled in coconut or cocoa powder or nuts or sprinkles to finish them off. Or you can hide treats in the center – we always made some with peanut butter inside! You can also roll it flat, add something on top like peanut butter, then roll jelly-roll style and slice. Refrigerate before eating (if you can keep the kids from gobbling them down).


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