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Monday Menu…on summer time

Yes, I know it is Wednesday. Although I am enjoying the fact that I have to stop and think to figure out what day it is. Don’t you love summer vacation?!

Here’s a dish I made for lunch yesterday because I barely remember what we had on Monday (that’s not summer vacation forgetting, that’s just pure getting old forgetting!).

Pasta° with Sage* Oil and Goat Cheese°

It’s fresh whole wheat pasta from the farmer’s market with sage oil drizzled on top, goat cheese crumbled on top and the lightly roasted seeds and nuts that come with the pasta sprinkled on top.

Sage oil is made by infusing about a cup of sage leaves in a cup of olive oil by heating them gently on the stove for 10-15 minutes and then letting it sit a little while. Strain out the leaves and bottle. Use generously. Delicious!


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Reason #1

Fresh salad for dinner last night. In January!

Corn salad looking green and yummy!

LOTS of arugula!

I should have taken a photo of the salad itself looking all yummy with feta and chick peas and tomato on top of those lovely greens, but I was too hungry and ate it right away 😉

A couple  more garden photos of my fresh herb supply:




Reason #2

Going outside to harvest it.

Yesterday's sunset

Of course it’s like 4:30 in the afternoon, still way too early for sunset to my mind, but thankfully days are getting noticeably longer!

Anything to eat in your garden?


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