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Tomatoes are red, corn is ripening in its husks, dozens of pumpkins and squash are swelling on every plant, the broccoli is sending up side shoots that look even more delicious than the main heads we already harvested, the pole beans have blanketed the fences and the tepee, the string beans are up and blossoming, cucumber vines have completely covered the trellis, sheltering the ready-to-pick lettuce underneath, the mix of greens and radishes and beets I seeded before we left have all come up, thick and luscious…oh wait, that’s the garden in my mind…

I suppose my imagination gets carried away, but in the three weeks we were gone, I expected more to happen. But it was cold and rainy here, so what really happened was this: there are a few green tomatoes, the corn grew, but is only waist-high, there were 2 summer squash to harvest despite ALL the flowers before we left, I see a couple of winter squash forming, the broccoli was gross and definitely needed to be ripped out, the pole and string beans must have rotted in the ground, because there are hardly any that have come up, the lettuce under the cucumber trellis has been decimated by flea beetles, it seems very little of what I planted before we left actually germinated and what did has ben munched to death by flea beetles and snails, and weeds went wild…Reality sucks sometimes.

On a positive note, the cucumber vines have covered the trellis and we already harvested almost 3.5 kilos of them. And the herbs look good, except for the lovage, but Kamil decapitated it with the lawn mower right after I planted it, so I guess I can’t ┬áblame it for proceeding cautiously.

What’s a gardener to do? Well, a good gardener would set to work and do something to turn the situation around, but me, I just averted my eyes and turned to other projects…

I remembered a tutorial I saw for how to turn a T-shirt into a tank top, grabbed the T-shirts my husband wanted to get rid of ( he cleaned out his dresser drawers?!?!?! Did I look THAT despondent?) and made these:

A dress for Sofie


A tank top for Olivia

So quick, so easy, so cute.

I also made camping pillows from old sheets (do you recognize them, Suzie?)

And started a new project that just makes me smile because of all the colors and inherent delight of patchwork squares…

Materials for secret project…more on that later!

And I feel much better now!

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It was a cold and blustery weekend, so we spent it indoors, sewing and sowing.

Corn in toilet paper rolls, to be plunked roll and all in the ground as soon as it warms a bit.

I saw this cute and easy shirt pattern, and decided to try it. Here is the result:

I was so inspired, I stitched up some shorts for Olivia. She got inspired, too and made her own top.

Cute shorts, cute top, cute girl!

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