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Monday Menu

What should I say about tonight’s menu?

“Most of the things were from our garden. It was delicious! Especially the corn. It was straight from the garden. You picked it and then you cooked it.” – Sofie

“We had our own roasted string beans and they were very good. They were delicious. We roasted them with garlic.” – Olivia

“I also liked the zucchini. We didn’t get a lot of zucchinis this summer. But we’re getting more now.” – Sofie

“It was all from our garden, except the salt and pepper, the cheese and the butter and the olive oil.” – Olivia

Tonight’s Menu

roasted string beans* and garlic

zucchini*, onions° and cheese

tomato* salad

salad of baby greens*

corn on the cob*

homemade bread

Once again, nothing complicated, just fresh vegetables. I roast the string beans with olive oil and peeled garlic cloves until they are slightly caramelized. Sprinkle with salt and serve. The zucchini is sautéed with onions and topped with cheese. The tomatoes are sliced and dressed with a bit of olive oil and salt. The corn is steamed until barely done. The salad is just mixed baby arugula, lettuce, spinach, mustard and mizuna. I topped it with the tomatoes.

First corn of the season and it was so good! Not the starchy, heavy stuff I bought at the farmer’s market a month ago. This was real sweetcorn, just ripe, juicy and sweet.

THIS is why I have a garden…

Tomatoes and corn. The rest is just filler.

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A Hard Day’s Work

Well, we are back at it again. School, that is. And each day is hectic, with classes and meetings, and the start of school is such a shock after the lazy days of summer.

So I come home on the bus, and as the bus leaves the city and we pass fields and fruit trees and the forest, I start to decompress. I walk from the bus stop as the clouds gather. Please, rain! The garden needs it. I walk along the streets of my village, thinking about nothing in particular. Truth be told, I am looking for burdock to harvest in the near future.

And then I spot my garden…looking thirsty, but my little piece of paradise.

And it’s out to the garden to pick veggies for salad and whatever else needs picking.

Another pound of beans tonight!

And a few other things.

I’m really hungry tonight and craving greens. And eager to try calendula petals in the salad. And to roast more string beans. And to eat fresh tomatoes. So hungry that I eat it before I photograph it. (It was delicious.)

And I am restored.

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