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Monday Menu

We’ve been eating lots of garden-based meals lately and tonight is no exception. Sorry about the bad photos – I was so hungry I almost didn’t think to take photos, and I certainly didn’t take the time to make them nice! Just trust me – it all tasted much better than it looks here!


radish top soup

ratatouille, sort of


The soup is more or less the same as the one I made here, though, and don’t tell the girls, I didn’t have quite enough radish tops*, so I added beet greens*. They detected no difference, and neither did I.

The ratatouille, sort of, was a stew of onion°, peppers*°, zucchini* and tomatoes* seasoned with thyme*, oregano*, salt and pepper.

The biscuits were awesome. Just a basic baking powder biscuit, but there’s nothing like homemade biscuits warm from the oven. And it really doesn’t take so long to make them. I really should do it more often.

And tomorrow’s breakfast? Warmed biscuits with jam!

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Monday Menu

What should I say about tonight’s menu?

“Most of the things were from our garden. It was delicious! Especially the corn. It was straight from the garden. You picked it and then you cooked it.” – Sofie

“We had our own roasted string beans and they were very good. They were delicious. We roasted them with garlic.” – Olivia

“I also liked the zucchini. We didn’t get a lot of zucchinis this summer. But we’re getting more now.” – Sofie

“It was all from our garden, except the salt and pepper, the cheese and the butter and the olive oil.” – Olivia

Tonight’s Menu

roasted string beans* and garlic

zucchini*, onions° and cheese

tomato* salad

salad of baby greens*

corn on the cob*

homemade bread

Once again, nothing complicated, just fresh vegetables. I roast the string beans with olive oil and peeled garlic cloves until they are slightly caramelized. Sprinkle with salt and serve. The zucchini is sautéed with onions and topped with cheese. The tomatoes are sliced and dressed with a bit of olive oil and salt. The corn is steamed until barely done. The salad is just mixed baby arugula, lettuce, spinach, mustard and mizuna. I topped it with the tomatoes.

First corn of the season and it was so good! Not the starchy, heavy stuff I bought at the farmer’s market a month ago. This was real sweetcorn, just ripe, juicy and sweet.

THIS is why I have a garden…

Tomatoes and corn. The rest is just filler.

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Monday Menu

The great thing about summer and all the vegetables available is that you don’t really have to do anything complicated or labor-intensive to have a great meal. I suppose the most work in this whole dinner was slicing the vegetables… Even the cooking took less than about 10 minutes!


Tomato*, mozzarella and basil* salad

Green salad of lettuce° and cucumber*

Grown-up additions to salad: baby chard*, beet*, turnip* and arugula* greens

Yellow squash* and onions°

Corn on the cob°

The first salad is a classic combination, but with tomatoes and basil fresh from the garden it is sublime!

When I was a kid, we used to have zucchini quite often in the summer and we always had it the same way, sliced into  rounds and  sauteed with onions, then topped with melted American cheese. I made this version without cheese and loved pairing the yellow squash with the red onion.

Simple but delicious!

The corn on the cob was a disappointment. I got it at the farmer’s market so it was pretty fresh, but it is not the Jersey sweet corn we enjoyed back home. Still, it wasn’t bad and I think the leftover corn will make great fritters! And we got to use our special corn on the cob boats with cob holders. Last summer when they saw these for the first time in the US, the girls thought these were the neatest things they’d ever seen. So we brought a set back with us!

Classic, cheap, plastic, kitsch…

Oh, the green salad was not photo-worthy. Just salad and cut up cucumbers. I ate the additional grown-up greens too fast to photograph them!

Hope you enjoyed your dinner tonight!

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The First Tomatoes

Nothing matches the excitement of the first tomatoes of the season! After all, tomatoes were the reason I started to garden in the first place! Never mind that my precious prizes have been ravished by disease in the last two years…I am ever hopeful that someday I will grow bushels of tomatoes. For now, I’m happy with the first few!

The very first ripe tomatoes!

Big red tomato on the way…fingers crossed!

A velvet cushion would be going a bit too far…but they look lovely on my dish towel.

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