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Worth the Wait

How was the yogurt, you’re wondering?

Very good…though the first batch had a funny consistency. The second batch was much better! We are enjoying it in smoothies and as is with some fruit on top.

Biggest question – will we ever be able to get the Czech man to eat it? Industrially produced yogurt, possibly loaded with hormones and antibiotics from the milk doesn’t gross him out, but the thought of bacteria turning fresh, organic milk into yogurt does…


And once again, it amazes how easy it is to make at home. It really requires very little effort. I made the second batch while I was making dinner one night. I had to watch it when it was heating, but most of the time needed in preparing yogurt is the cooling of the milk before you add the yogurt starter. After that, I nestle it in the cooler with the hot water bottle and sleep the rest of the time.

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My yogurt is making me wait.

There it sits, doing its magic. At least that is the theory. I’ve never actually made yogurt before, so I can only hope it’s going to turn out okay.


Doesn’t look like yogurt, you say? Looks like a red box on the floor. Well, I’m using a method I read about where you put the prepared milk with starter in a cooler and insulate it with towels. I have a hot water bottle as a heat source and by morning I should have 4 jars of fresh yogurt. Here is a good source for how to do it, though I didn’t use the hot water method described in the post. I can’t remember where I read the dry method and I got tired of searching.

Insulated with towels

Insulated with towels

But I’ve also read that it doesn’t always work the first time…you have to get the hang of it a bit. So, here I am, just waiting…

But I have faith in micro-organisms. Tune in tomorrow to see if they lived up to my trust!

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