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December Harvest


Celery root, carrots and red cabbage. Bonus points for spotting the sunchoke!

Yes, you read that right! Very excited to get a few things out of the garden yesterday and even more excited that there is more to come!


Lots of beautiful kale!

Lots of beautiful kale!


A bit of spinach.

A bit of spinach.







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January Surprise!

The snow melted and what do you suppose I found underneath?!


Corn salad, mustard greens and spinach!


Enough to make a salad with…and there’s more out there. I saw some kale and red beets…maybe even some chard.

Don’t you love gardening?!

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I was at a potluck gathering on Saturday and had a very tasty lasagna. What I really liked about it was that it was not sauce or cheese heavy – just layers of fresh pasta and vegetables. Delicious. So I thought I would try to create one of my own.

Farmer’s Market Vegetable Lasagne – Attempt #1

fresh lasagna noodles°

fresh spinach* sautéed with garlic

sauteed mushrooms°

roasted red peppers°, peeled, seeded and sliced

a bit of tomato sauce

a bit of mozzarella cheese

salt, pepper, oregano to taste

Cover the bottom of the lasagna dish with a layer of sauce seasoned with spices. Layer noodles on top. Then place some spinach, red peppers and mushrooms on the noodles. Put another layer of noodles on top of this, more sauce, more veggies, some cheese and then a final layer of noodles. Top with sauce. Bake for about 45 minutes.

Yummy layers.

Once again I failed to photograph it before we had eaten most of it! Here it is in the container heading for the fridge, but you can still see the yummy layers!


* = from our garden

°= from the farmer’s market

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The garden is doing great and tonight we had our first strawberries and the best spinach I’ve ever grown. Our soil is just too heavy for spinach to do well, but last fall I added lots of shredded leaves and good soil to a bed to make it nice and light and it seems to have made a world of difference to the spinach. The other inspiration for tonight’s dinner was the hunk of cheese and bag of mushrooms I bought at the farmer’s market last week.

Menu for Monday, 28 May

crustless mushroom° quiche

spinach* with tomatoes

toasted bread

yogurt with sliced strawberries*

elderflower* cordial

The crustless quiche was a sort of improvisation since I didn’t feel like making crust. And since the crust is just slightly sweet, it made the tangy quiche even tangier.

Crustless Quiche

Sautee sliced mushrooms° and let cool. Place on bottom of quiche dish. Mix 1 1/2 cups of yogurt with 2 eggs°, 2 tablespoons of flour, a bit of salt and some shredded cheese°. Pour over mushrooms and bake at 350F for 30 minutes. I tucked a little left over asparagus° into one end – a little treat for me.

Spinach and tomatoes

My husband bought some really awful looking tomatoes – you know, the hard orange balls that don’t really look, smell or taste much like real tomatoes. Well, the only way to deal with those is cook them down, which I did with some garlic and olive oil. Then I added the spinach until wilted. The spinach was so good it even made these tomatoes taste alright!

Yogurt topped with strawberries

Can’t wait until the strawberry:yogurt ratio is reversed!

Elderflower cordial

An experiment inspired by the Urban Farm Handbook foraging challenge and all of the elders flowering right now everywhere you look.

I found the recipe here and made a batch over the weekend.

I think it turned out too lemony and sour, but over ice with a bit of dandelion honey to sweeten it, YUMMMMMMY! We will definitely be making more of this.

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